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God’s prostitute

God’s prostitute I was five when my mother started coughing blood. The episodic fashion of my mother’s coughs helped me a lot with math. It made boring counting interesting. Very soon the digits of my fingers would end but not my mother’s coughs. My father was always busy. He was the master of poker during…

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Life through rosy glasses

Life through rosy glasses Ever since I have enrolled in law school, the most common question asked throughout is why law? Why did you opt for law? Even most of our introductory classes in college passed with the young buds discussing and placing their thoughts as to why they have opted to study law. I…

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मैं मैं,  कौन हूँ मैं, जब जन्मा था गुमनाम था, आज फिर यारों के बीच गुमनाम हूँ मैं,  कभी हँसी बाँटता फनकार था, आज गम का सौदागर, बेज़ार हूँ मैं, इक भूल की इतनी गम्भीर सज़ा, क्या इतना बड़ा गुनहगार हूँ मैं, तूने अच्छाई का मेरी मज़ाक बना डाला, क्या बस तेरी हँसी का पात्र…

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