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War: The Bitter Truth

War: The Bitter Truth A war is a small trend but life cries till end. All of us loose But why again we choose? The real war is after the war… And that is for sure When the dead arrives home Quietly saying…they were the gnome. All of them wrote see you soon… But now…

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Interlude Awake at four this morning, My heart clutched at everything Everything that mattered, And some which didn’t even. It was morning already, But calm & soft as ever The world around me silent, And still crinkled a drop of tear. A drop that turned into a puddle, And slowly I was all evolved Evolved…

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Mental Health is Important

Mental Health is Important What do you do when your body feels sick? You go to a doctor. And what do you do when your mind feels sick? You hide it. You conceal it, may be with big fake smiles, so that nobody knows the confounded state of your mind. But why? Why do you…

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